Brixham Trawler Torbay Lass

Heritage Marine Foundation recovered Torbay Lass BM163, previously Kenya Jacaranda, from Tilbury Docks to prevent the vessel’s disposal and subsequent loss.  She now sits safely in a mud berth in Maldon. The removal of debris and installation of pumps and power supplies have ensured the vessel remains afloat and in a stable condition. Now awaiting restoration she is subject to the Heritage Marine Foundations lottery bid to restore her to sail again. 

More About Torbay Lass.

Torbay Lass was built in Brixham in 1923 by R. Jackman & Sons for Alfred Lovis a well-known Brixham fisherman. She is of special significance as she is the last of many hundreds of Brixham sailing trawlers built from the late 19th century onward. In view of this symbolic significance she holds the present status of being one of some 200 vessels of all types and functions listed by the National Historic Fleet.

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