HMS GANGES Cermonial Mast.


Heritage Marine Foundation has carried out an initial inspectional and survey of the former HMS Ganges mast in its current condition. On going research has led the Foundation to draw up an informed conservation plan and submit a consolidated statement to the council for the removal and complete restoration and reinstatement of the Training Mast for the former Royal Naval Training Establishment HMS Ganges at Shotley Suffolk.

About HMS Ganges Cermonial Mast.

HMS Ganges shoreside training was established in 1905 and the iconic mast has stood at this sight since 1907. The mast stands an impressive 143feet (44meters) and was reputably taken from the old steam corvette HMS Cordelia. The shoreside training centre had a suggested 150,000 boys passed though its doors however the white ensign was finally lowered on the 29th October. The site has now been acquired for development and this will see the mast restored for future generations. 

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